Download Luminar Lidar Data

Volvo has just published a dataset called Cirrus which includes camera data and Luminar lidar data for 6,285 frames. The dataset includes 8 categories of annotations: “Vehicle, Large Vehicle, Pedestrian, Bicycle, Animal, Wheeled Pedestrian, Motorcycle, Trailer.”

I love how many companies are publishing datasets. This seems to especially make sense for a supplier like Luminar. Engineers anywhere can try out Luminar data without having to engage a sales rep or even convince their own managers.

The name of the dataset, “Cirrus,” highlights the range of Luminar’s lidar. At 250m, Luminar lidar is high range, just as Cirrus clouds are high altitude.




I love self-driving cars and I work on them at Cruise!

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David Silver

David Silver

I love self-driving cars and I work on them at Cruise!

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