• Lance Fettig

    Lance Fettig

  • Mari


    Sharing my journey of research into ways to build creative civic engagement around issues of transit. || mariellehsu.com || linkedin.com/mariellehsu || she/her

  • vin sharma

    vin sharma

    autodidact, bibliophile, open source wonk, complex systems geek; building an AI platform at Intel; stories are my own.

  • Sudeep Verma

    Sudeep Verma

  • Arnav Bansal

    Arnav Bansal

  • Maxime RABILLOUD

    Maxime RABILLOUD

  • Terence Riley

    Terence Riley

    Just some poor, no talent schmuck. Google it if you don't know what it means. Can be found on Quora. 25+ Years CT and MRI Technologist. Podcast coming soon.

  • loos crooods

    loos crooods

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