Today is my first day at Cruise Automation!

I am joining the Motion Planning and Controls group, specifically on the Architecture & Acceleration team.

Here’s how Cruise describes my role:

“Own the SW architecture of the Motion Planning and Controls Stack and work closely with domain experts in creating an efficient and performant framework for implementing Controls and Motion Planning algorithms that control the AV”

The People Operations Team at Cruise has developed a thorough onboarding process called Ignition. As a remote employee, I’m grateful they’re prioritizing orientation inside an organization that’s much larger than either Voyage or Udacity, my previous two employers.

During the last few weeks, as we prepared for the integration of Voyage with Cruise, my fellow Voyagers and I got some sneak peaks into Cruise’s architecture, processes, and plans. I was super-impressed, and I’m join a team that has accomplished so much already! I hope there’s still work left for me to do 😉

If you’re interested in joining me at Cruise, the Open Positions page still has an opening posted for my team!


Originally published at on March 22, 2021.

I love self-driving cars and I work on them at Cruise!

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