Hi Jay! These are good questions. In some cases there are clear answers, and in some cases nobody knows the answers yet.

There is a huge demand for autonomous vehicle engineers right now. Fortune counted 2000 job listings posted in the US alone. They estimate the real number of hires may be a multiple of that because a big company might post one job description (e.g. “autonomous vehicle software engineer”) and plan to use that description to hire many people.

There are autonomous vehicle jobs up and down the supply chain, from sensor manufacturers who need to make sensors better and cheaper, to auto manufacturers who need to assemble the vehicles, to tech companies that want to use the vehicles to build networks of self-driving cars.

Nobody’s quite sure how all of that will shake out and if there will be one “winner” or many companies that succeed in different parts of the industry.

I love self-driving cars and I work on them at Voyage! https://voyage.auto

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