Hi Waqas Zia!

Good questions. Several of these are answered on our FAQ, but some aren’t.

  1. Students are now reporting spending about 17 hours per week on the program.
  2. For each term, if you complete all the projects by the deadline, then you can access the material for that term indefinitely. If you do not complete the term by the deadline, then you lose access.
  3. The projects are all online, so they use a mix of recorded data and simulated data.
  4. The goal of the projects is to prepare to students to be hired as autonomous vehicle engineers with our hiring partners and other autonomous vehicle employers. Many students are already finding jobs in the industry, so it’s working well on that front.
  5. Intermediate programming ability — ideally in Python or C++ — is required for the program. The projects are in the low hundreds of lines of code per project, I believe.
  6. I don’t quite understand what you mean by “quantify” the effort. In terms of hours per week, students report spending 17 hours per week. That’s more than we targeted, so we’re trying to bring that down. But obviously that’s an average and some students spend more and some spend less.
  7. The goal of the program is not specifically to teach students how to retrofit modern cars into self-driving cars. Rather, the goal is to prepare students to get hired into jobs in the autonomous vehicle industry. That said, several students in the program are trying to retrofit their own cars, and I imagine some of the content in the program is helpful in that effort.

I love self-driving cars and I work on them at Voyage! https://voyage.auto

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