Ian Goodfellow on the Future of Deep Learning

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Ian Goodfellow on the right, and my Udacity colleague, Mat Leonard, on the left.

Ian Goodfellow recently published a list of the top “areas of expansion” for deep learning in response to a Quora question.

The number one item on the list is:

“Better reinforcement learning / integration of deep learning and reinforcement learning. Reinforcement learning algorithms that can reliably learn how to control robots, etc.”

To a large extent, this depends on how well we can map features and performance from a simulator (where we would perform reinforcement learning) to the real world. So far, this has been a challenge, but I’ve seen several companies recently working on this problem.

The other seven items on the list are all worth a read, too.

And if you’d like to learn more from Ian, he has a book, and also he’s an instructor in Udacity’s Deep Learning Foundations Nanodegree Program.

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