Ride-Sharing Doesn’t Work with a Phone

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The Cubs-Giants game went thirteen very long innings last night and ended in heartbreak (for me, at least), with the Giants knocking in a walk-off run in the bottom of the 13th inning.

It was also 11:45pm and the game had been going on for five hours.

As I stumbled out of the stadium, I realized my phone was totally dead. Five hours of emails and web browsing between innings had drained the battery.

If my phone had been working, I might have just hailed an Uber home and tucked into bed. But my phone wasn’t working.

No worries, though! In San Francisco, the train station is just blocks from the ballpark. I hustled on over to Caltrain, waited forever for the train to leave, and then learned I got on the wrong train. The train I was riding wouldn’t make its first stop until 8 miles past my house.

I disembarked the first chance I could and walked into an empty parking lot at the Belmont Caltrain Station at 12:45am. No taxis.

A gas station light flickered across the street and I rolled over and begged the attendant to call a cab. No cabs available.

Then I bought a charger from the station’s inventory and hailed an Uber, which took twenty minutes to arrive, being past midnight in the suburbs.

I finally tucked into bed at 1:30am.

So what’s the moral of the story?

Mostly that I shouldn’t have totally drained my phone battery, and I should look at train schedules.

But also that, in the days before ride-sharing, it was more common to have taxis circling around and you didn’t need a phone to hail them.

The world today is a better place because of Lyft and Uber, but it does require a phone to navigate.

I love self-driving cars and I work on them at Voyage! https://voyage.auto

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