Tesla Deprecates “Full Self-Driving” Term

For the past two years or so, Tesla has provided a “full self-driving” option on its vehicles. The option cost $5,000.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced new mid-range options for the Model 3 this week, and the associated design website renames the “Full Self-Driving” feature to “Enhanced Autopilot”.

In a tweet, Musk said:

I am a bit confused by the meaning of Musk’s tweet. Is “full self-driving” actually still available, on an alternate menu? Does he mean “full self-driving” has been unavailable for week?

The simplest explanation seems to be that Tesla decided to rebrand their Autopilot feature.

A lot of people have been skeptical about the ability of Tesla to create a fully autonomous vehicle with only cameras and one radar and no lidar. Perhaps this is a nod in that direction.

Autopilot is still the best ADAS system on the market, though.

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