Thank you, a lot of good points there!

  1. By mentioning that people had been worrying about this for months, I was referring to the fact that Autopilot was only launched last October. But you are right that conceptually engineers have been worried about this for years.
  2. I appreciate your concern with the technology, but I can’t agree that it would have been a good thing for five more people to die simply to call attention to the issue.
  3. I just have a feeling that if the accident had been a result of Autopilot doing something absurd, like driving a car off a bridge, that would have been a bigger deal than failing to apply the brake. But you may be right on that question.
  4. By thinking about sensors and software, I didn’t mean to offer mitigations. I was instead thinking about why the accident happened and how to prevent such an accident in the future. I didn’t make that clear, though, and I’ll probably write more on that today.

I love self-driving cars and I work on them at Voyage!

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