Udacity’s Cloud Architect Nanodegree Program

Today Udacity’s AWS Cloud Architect Nanodegree Program launched!

This is outside my usual wheelhouse of autonomous vehicles and robotics, but I played a significant (albeit behind-the-scenes) role teaching the first course in the three-course program.

Tom Verbiscer and I worked together to design and build a sequence of lessons on high-availability, resilience, and redundancy. Tom teaches about:

  • Availability Zones
  • Regions
  • Server-based architecture
  • Serverless architecture
  • Global services
  • DynamoDB and global tables
  • S3 classes and features
  • Uptime
  • Downtime
  • Service-Level Agreements
  • Recovery Time Objectives
  • Recovery Point Objectives
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Monitoring with CloudWatch
  • Alerting with Simple Notification Service
  • Recovery
  • Chaos Engineering!

And that’s just the first course of the program!

I hope everyone that enrolls learns as much from taking the program as I did working with Tom to build the program.

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